Monday 22 Dec 2014

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The Churchill Club eBook on Getting Lucky
The Churchill Guide to Winning Strategies
An eBook on how to become luckier, in 4 easy steps.
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The Churchill Guide to Raising Capital
The Churchill Guide to Raising Capital
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The Churchill Guide to Building Teams
The Churchill Guide to Building Teams
On getting the most out of your People, Outsourcing, Partners, Leadership and your Board.
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The Churchill Guide to Growing Revenues
The Churchill Guide to Growing Revenues
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The Churchill Guide to Innovation Thinking
The Churchill Guide to Innovation Thinking
On Problem solving by Playing, Thinking and Doing.
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on Thursday, 29 May 2014 19:24. Posted in Club News

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For the last week we've been working on a variety of exciting Churchill Club projects.


Our First eBookThe new membership system has been bedded down with a couple of hiccups. This system is much more flexible and has allowed the introduction of digital only memberships, for people that want to access our content, but can't make it to events.


We have also just introduced the new event system, which should be a much less clunkier arrangement. In fact it will allow people to book more than one event at the same time!


Today I finished off two new events. A workshop on tools for getting stuff done with Michael Dockery of Design Industries, and a look at the Funding Journey, which is a joint event with the Australian Computer Society.


Finally, he have released our first eBook, on some fascinating content from a couple of years ago. We intend to release one of these a quarter.


And if you haven't booked yet for Jules Brooke's DIY publicity workshop, nows the time! It comes with a bag full of additional value too, including having your next press release tweaked, a media list supplied and a copy of her workbook.

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