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Utilising Voice Technologies: Why type when you can talk?

  • Academy Xi Level 3, 45 Exhibition Street Melbourne Australia (map)

We’re entering a new era of computing where advances in AI and machine learning are providing a more natural way to communicate with machines.

Being able to talk to computers diminishes the need for traditional ‘user interfaces’ like screens and given it mimics the way we naturally communicate with each other, it’s no wonder the technology is blowing up.

The Amazon Echo, which can call up music tracks and radio stations, tell jokes, answer trivia questions and control smart appliances; was already resident in about 4% of American households prior to Christmas. Voice assistants are proliferating in smartphones, too: Apple’s Siri handles over 2bn commands a week, and 20% of Google searches on Android-powered handsets in America are input by voice. ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will be via voice by 2020.

However, as with all emerging technologies there are fundamental issues such as machines still not understanding the meaning of language and devices always listening.

In this event our panel will be discussing:

  • Opportunities for introducing conversational interfaces improving customer experience and internal processes – including bots & virtual assistants
  • Conversational design and why it matters
  • The trade-off between convenience and privacy
  • Current limitations of the technology


To be announced

Ticket price includes drinks, light refreshments and a copy of the event report.

Utilising Voice Technologies
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