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The Churchill Club delivers value to it's members and the wider business community through:


We spark conversations to promote innovation and collaboration for economic growth and community benefit.


We facilitate networks of connection between like-minded individuals and businesses representing a diverse range of industries and expertise.


Our ethos of knowledge-sharing and disruptive thinking allows members to takeaway practical skills and concepts to apply in their business.


Seeking answers to our questions, we setup the Churchill Club to address three major topic streams

  1. Practical Entrepreneurship - providing answers to the questions an entrepreneur may ask themselves, like "How do I choose a business partner?" 
  2. Innovation Thinking - Providing new tools for problem solving like "How do I maintain clarity of thought in stressful situations?" 
  3. Emerging Technology Opportunities - "Where will tomorrow's opportunities come from?"

The simple answer is because we must encourage existing Australian businesses to innovate by leveraging their intellectual, financial and operation assets to develop new business opportunities. It is scaling businesses that drive economic and job growth. 

We understand that as an SME you don’t necessarily have the skills or resources to address issues in your business which you feel poorly equipped to deal with in order to drive successful outcomes. 


  • A networking club - though you will meet people that you will do business with.
  • A platform for those on the speaking circuit - there’s plenty of other platforms for hearing someone’s unique story of success.
  • A session in inspiration - you’re already in business and we understand you need the tools and tactics to grow.
  • A forum exclusive to start-ups - the local start up community is well catered for by great organisations like Start-Up Victoria

our history

 Founding days Dr Peter Lewis & Brendan Lewis

Founding days Dr Peter Lewis & Brendan Lewis

The Australian chapter of the Churchill Club was launched in 2005 by Brendan Lewis, Peter Lewis and Dr Terry Cutler with a panel discussion titled "Venture capital: What's hot, what's not?" at the Rydges Hotel in Carlton.

The impetus for starting the Churchill Club in Australia came from discussions between Peter, Australian consul-general in San Francisco during the dotcom years, and the Churchill Club board in Silicon Valley, of which he was also a member.

They identified a need for the club because the local technology industry didn’t talk to each other enough. "Biotech industries were on the rise but they weren’t talking to other more established industries, such as ICT, about lessons learned. The Churchill Club is great for networking and for different industries in technology to talk about the problems and issues they share." 

In the ten years since then, we have hosted a myriad of open panel sessions, workshops and dinners on topics ranging from raising capital, growing revenues and building teams through to augmented reality and robotics.

In October 2015, Brendan Lewis stepped down from role of Chair and handed the reins over to Bec Kempster. He still plays an active role in the Club. 

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.
— Sir Winston Churchill