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After a sell-out premiere in 2018, the Top Tech Trends Debate is back.

Unlike anything that currently exists in Australia, the Top Tech Trends Debate showcases the visions of five leading industry professionals. They pitch their ideas on the next big thing, and the audience votes.

The event is a replica of the Top Tech Trends event that has been successfully run by the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley for 20 consecutive years. Bringing it to Melbourne last year was a hit, with 170+ attendees.

The event also features as a headline event for the Emerging technologies powering investment stream of the State Government of Victoria's Digital Innovation Festival.



Be a part of the audience which will help shape the top tech trends whilst learning how these emerging technologies are set to impact our lives. It’s an opportunity to peer inside the minds that are investing in our future, to understand how they see our world.

Each speaker will deliver one trend that must meet the following criteria:

Are not obvious today, but may well be in the future; and

There'll be an explosive impact in these areas in 3-5 years time.



Tickets can be purchased via our Eventbrite page.

Member Early Bird $40*
Member General $55

Non-Member Early Bird $55*
Non-Member General $70

Non-Member Early Bird with Annual Membership $130*
Non-Member General with Annual Membership $150

Early Bird Corporate Package (10 tickets) $490*
General Corporate Package (10 tickets) $590

*Early bird period ends 11:59pm 31st July 2019

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Troy McCann

During university, where he studied computer science and electrical engineering, Troy mixed his passions for technology and entrepreneurship through multiple engineering-heavy businesses. Using his experiences in commercialising deep research and the space industry, Troy began to develop a framework for supporting the growth of commercial solutions to humanity’s most difficult challenges, forming the basis for Moonshot.

Today, Moonshot invests in hyper-ambitious startups and consults for enterprise, governments, private investors, and the media across the globe, and is building an international network of precincts that grow and help stakeholders capture new wealth generated by the new space economy.

Troy was ranked the 4th most influential new space business leader of the industry in the NewSpace People Global Ranking Report for 2018/19.

J.J. Hastings

J.J. Hastings is a polymath hacker and explorer. Whether it is serving as Commander of a Mars mission simulation, driving thousands of kilometres to the most isolated regions of Australia to study extremophiles, or sailing to the glaciers of Antarctica, she is always looking to push life to the edge.

Her research intersects multiple fields and is intentionally expansive—from bioinformatics to bio-design through automation, from biohacking to biosecurity.

After completing her undergraduate studies at New York University, she continued on to complete advanced degrees at Harvard University, University of Oxford (New College), and Central Saint Martins in London in Biology, Bioinformatics, and Fine Arts, respectively.

Dave King

Dave King is CEO and founder of the Melbourne-based creative artificial intelligence startup Move 37 which uses machine learning and natural language generation to augment ideation and conceptual creativity.

Dave is passionate about the opportunities for humans to discover new ways of working with machines in creative realms. Before Move 37 he founded the award-winning independent creative agency The Royals. Dave has been a passionate entrepreneur and strategist in the fields of creative technology innovation and R&D for 25 years.

Charmaine Green

Charmaine is a management consultant in PwC’s CMO Advisory team where she advises boards, CEOs, CFOs and CMOs on how to drive growth in the contemporary media landscape.

Charmaine is lead author of Australia’s leading media industry forecast, the PwC Media and Entertainment Outlook, in which she has recently examined trends in subscription media and the new dimensions of industry competition for consumer time, money and data.

Abdur-Raheem Bulbuliya

Abs is the Program Director at Startupbootcamp for the Smart Energy Accelerator - a 3 month program designed to help ambitious founders scale their business. 21 startups from 14 different countries have graduated the accelerator program creating 49 jobs and raising over $80m in funding.

Prior to Startupbootcamp, Abs worked in the energy sector for Engie both in the UK and in Australia as a Commercial Analyst and then as a Renewables Manager.

Moderator - Nina Muhleisen

Nina is enthusiastic about change and making our future a great place to live, work and play. To get there Nina believes we need to improve the way we do things. With the tools and technology already available and continuously emerging we need to build capability and mindset in our organisations to adapt.

With a background across a variety of industries, corporate and startups, Nina now has her own business, Three6, and develops not only strategies but robust plans to embed emerging technologies into businesses and building the capabilities in their people for success, making her an industry expert in simplifying the way we work.





Last year’s inaugural debate was a huge success and sold out with over 180 guests in attendance at PwC Australia. Melbourne entrepreneur, Kee Wong, who also sits on the boards of CarSales, Committee for Melbourne and Victoria University, won the debate.

Knowledgeable in all things engineering, IT and business, Kee argued the biggest trend coming our way is “the future of education”. He believes that Australia's Higher Education Industry – which is the third largest export revenue for Australia and the highest export revenue for the State state of Victoria – is under threat to being disrupted. What’s interesting is his prediction is that it the disruption won’t be by other groups of universities, but by online platform players like Amazon et al.

Read highlights from the 2019 Top Tech Trend Debate.

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