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The Great Australian Battery Race

With the end of coal nigh, there is still much work to be done on making the shift to renewable energy – namely around storage. Power providers, governments and researchers are scrambling to find a solution to our energy woes with much of the focus being placed on batteries.

The Victorian government is currently developing a 20 megawatt battery storage facility and has requested expressions of interest from battery storage firms capable of supplying grid-scale systems. Whilst, thanks to Mr Musk, Tesla is the name we continually hear put forward for such solutions, who are the local players running the race to secure our energy future?

In this event we will be discussing:

  • What new battery technologies are in development in Australia? How do they compare?
  • What are the areas of focus for batteries - grid storage, household storage, vehicles, personal electronic devices
  • The role of Australian industry & the research sector - is commercialisation generating successful outcomes in battery development?
  • Australian opportunities and projects requiring battery solutions

Ticket price includes drinks, light refreshments and a copy of the event report.


Valentin Muenzel - Cofounder & CEO, Relectrify
Other panellists TBA

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